Monday, 6 August 2012

Waiting for Summer

After a bit of a break, due to sickness and our trips to Adelaide, I was finally able to take Felix back to his Special Needs Playgroup today. Very often when we get there, Felix is already starting to get sleepy and is ready for his nap. Most of the time I end up only staying for about an hour because he is so ready for bed, but today he lasted the whole two hour session!!

At the beginning of Playgroup (which only ever has a few children in attendance), we sat in a little circle on chairs and sang a 'welcome' song to each child. When we sang our welcome to Felix, he had to go and stick a laminated photo of himself up on the board. I was really proud of him today because he actually put it up on the board by himself, whereas other times he hasn't even want to hold the photo. He also sat beautifully for the rest of the songs today as well. Although he didn't do any actions to the songs he was an active participant, watching everyone else with a huge smile, and clapping his hands.

So.....what are you eating?
Felix showed everyone at Playgroup how he could walk, and made sure that every single one of them clapped when he sat back down. If anyone wasn't paying attention he would lean forward and look up at them until they clapped their hands for him. He certainly likes the spotlight!!  He had his teacher's full attention when she was blowing lots of chocolate scented bubbles for him. He used his pointer finger to pop them when they landed next to him. It kept his attention for a really long time and there were lots of giggles.

Later this afternoon we took Felix to the park again. The grass is quite coarse and a bit long at the moment, making it quite tricky for a brand new 'walker' to take some steps. Felix concentrated really hard on first, standing and getting good balance, followed by taking some cautious steps. Nathan and I were talking tonight about how steady Felix is on his feet. He seems to sense when he is getting wobbly and will actually stop and get his balance before he tries to take another step. If he does over balance he is able to ease himself carefully down onto his bottom, or squat and then lean forward onto his hands. He hasn't face-planted yet, but I'm sure the time will come!

It was so nice to be out in the sunshine again. I feel like we have been shut inside for such a long time and can't wait for Summer to come (Here in Australia we still have another month left of winter). I love the hot weather and I'm hoping that the sun will kill off all of the horrible colds and 'flu's that have been going around. Even tonight I can hear Felix coughing and coughing through the baby monitor. He's still been quite stuffy in the nose each morning and then has a runny nose throughout the day. He seems happy enough in himself, but it would be good to know he is 100% healthy. I promise I won't complain when the weather is in the 40's (celsius)!!

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