Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Love this Kid

I love this kid SO much!
I didn't think it was possible to love Felix more than I already do, but I honestly feel myself falling more and more in love with this beautiful little boy every day. There's something about his vulnerability that is so endearing. He looks up at us with perfect trust in his eyes. You can see in them that he knows he is loved more than anything. We couldn't have asked for a greater gift than Felix; and yet he is a gift I never would have thought to ask for! Thank goodness for surprise gifts!!!

Climbing everything!
Felix has always loved books but, in the past week, he has shown a huge interest in them. Usually we get out a book and look at it with him, pointing to pictures and reading the story. The last couple of days, Felix has gone to his pile of books (which I change every couple of days), and sat on his own for over half an hour 'reading them'. I couldn't resist peeking into the room every now and again to watch him. It was beautiful. He was pointing at the pictures and doing some signs. Sometimes he would giggle and other times he would chat away to himself like he was reading out loud. I could have watched him for hours.

There were so many cute little moments with Felix today. I had the front door open while I was putting some things into the car. He crawled straight out of the door and sat in front of his sandpit (which is a plastic clam with a lid on it). He bounced up and down on his bottom and made some 'impatient' noises because he wanted me to take the lid off his sandpit so he could play. He had escaped from inside the house and he wanted to make the most of it!

Matching shirts with his big brother,
I mentioned recently about how Felix has started shaking his head 'No' when he is about to touch something he knows he's not allowed to touch. Today he started shaking his head in response to questions I asked him. For example, I asked if he wanted to have a drink and he shook his head 'No'. He did this several times throughout the day. I'm excited because it's another way Felix can communicate with us about what he wants; or in this case, what he doesn't want.

Just before the kids got home from school today, I said to Felix, "Isaiah is going to be home soon." He looked really excited and said, "Ba-ba" (brother). It's so awesome to know that he is starting to articulate more words. At first I thought that "Ba-ba" was just a fluke, but then I heard him use it consistently when I talked (and signed) about his brothers. Whenever I said "brother" he would say "Ba-ba".  Today, I didn't even mention the word, "brother", I just said Isaiah's name. He knows that Isaiah is his brother. How cool is that?

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