Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tough day!

Do your crazy face, Felix!
I've always been impressed by Felix's level of comprehension, and I'm proud to say it's just getting better and better. He is almost 23 months old and he is following basic instructions so well. If we ask him to stand up, when he is sitting on the floor, he will stand up. If we ask him to walk to us, he will. The funniest thing is when we ask him to do his 'crazy face' or 'big eyes'. He will open his eyes wide, stick out his bottom teeth and push his jaw forward. It is the most hilarious face and has us all in hysterical laughter. The fact that he does it on cue is fantastic! He gives kisses whenever we ask for them, which I love, and if we ask him to sign a particular animal or vehicle he will do it. He surprises us every day with something new.

Watching the trees blow in the wind
Today there was a severe storm warning for our area. There was a huge amount of wind, and we were expecting hail. Felix loved it! He sat by the window for ages, looking outside at the trees getting blown around. Every now and then the wind would die down and we could hear birds chirping very faintly. Felix would make his eyes huge and tilt his head as he listened, then he would sign 'bird'. When he signs 'bird' it's the sweetest thing because his fingers are so tiny; it looks so cute. I took Felix outside to have a closer look at the trees and to feel the wind in his face, which he has always enjoyed. He busily pointed here and there, showing me that the trees were moving in the wind. He wasn't too happy when I brought him back inside because we had to walk past his sandpit and he thought it would be a good idea to play in it. Being an extremely windy afternoon I thought we'd better give it a miss.

I've been having a tough day today. Eight years ago, exactly, I was in the labour ward in the beginning stages of an induction. I had an ultrasound earlier in the day (at 19 1/2 weeks pregnant) and found out that the tiny baby girl I was carrying had passed away. The years have passed, but the pain of that day remains. Some days it's harder than others and today has definitely been one of those days! Nathan and I were talking tonight and we both agree, that because of Eden's death, it has definitely made Felix's life all the more precious.

Losing Eden made accepting Felix's diagnosis of Down Syndrome so easy, because he was alive and incredibly beautiful! I was in love! To hear him cry when he was born was the most incredible sound I had ever heard! I've never been able to thank our tiny little bird, Eden Grace, for the lessons she has taught me or tell her how much I miss her, but I hope she knows. This one's for you baby girl x x x

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