Thursday, 16 August 2012


Beautiful Sophie
Felix has had the chance to catch up with a couple of his little friends this week. At the Special Needs Playgroup on Monday, he got to hang out with Sophie. Felix has been a bit scared of Sophie recently because she really wants to shower him with lots of love and he's not quite sure about that. He was actually really good this week and interacted with her during singing time and story time. He clapped for Sophie when she put her photo on the photo board, and he let her put the sheet over his head for the "Where is?" song. After his turn was finished he wanted Sophie to have another go. I'm hoping he'll continue to feel comfortable with Sophie and the other kids at the group. It's a small group of kids, so it's a good place for him to build up his confidence with other little ones.

Felix's buddy, Jacob, came over to our place for a play this afternoon. They haven't had a chance to play with each other for such a long time because one or the other of them has been sick, so it was great to finally get them together. Felix looked really excited when he saw that Jacob was here. They started playing together straight away. Felix introduced Jacob to one of his favourite play things; his beads. It wasn't long before Jacob was wearing some around his neck. They made quite a pair wearing their 'bling'. I told Rachel (Jacob's Mum) about my plan to replace the beads with something a bit more 'boyish' if Felix is still wanting to wear them in a few years time, but for now it's one of his cute little quirks.
Felix and Jacob

Jacob is now 18 months old, but is much bigger than Felix. He's like a gentle giant :) One of the reasons why Felix and Jacob play so nicely together is because Jacob is very placid, so he doesn't frighten Felix like some other kids do. He plays very gently with Felix and it's so beautiful to watch. He is such a sweet little boy and has the most contagious smile. Since we saw Jacob last, he has learnt to crawl and is starting to sign which is really exciting. We sang 'Twinkle, twinkle little star' so that Jacob could show us how he could do the actions, but he was so overwhelmed by everyone doing the actions to his song that all he could do was sit and smile. It was very cute!

Felix and Noah watching the rain
Felix is still getting used to sharing the limelight with his little nephew, Noah, so we have to watch him carefully when they are together. Sometimes Felix can look like he's being really gentle but then he'll grab poor little Noah's face. It started off beautifully this afternoon. Noah was sitting in the Bumbo seat looking out of the window at the rain and Felix was sitting next to him doing the same. It was gorgeous to see them both so fascinated with the rain running down the window and seeing the water rush down the road. A bit later, however, Joel was laying down with Noah up against him when Felix suddenly launched a toy saucepan towards Noah and hit him in the head. Noah didn't react at first but, after the realisation that his head was sore, he started to cry. Felix looked a little bit puzzled at what had happened and tried to climb onto my lap, but I told him it was naughty to throw things at Noah and moved him away from me. He looked broken hearted and his bottom lip dropped. I had to resist the temptation to pick him up and cuddle him straight away. After a minute or so, I told him to say sorry to Noah and gave him a snuggle. Hopefully he'll learn to be a bit more gentle.

I just wanted to make mention that Noah's beautiful Mummy, Mel, has started her own blog about breastfeeding. Mel is only 17 years old and has showed an incredible level of maturity and a natural ability as a new Mummy. I'm so proud of her. If you'd like to have a read, her blog is

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