Saturday, 4 August 2012

From His Big Brother

Today our number 6 kid, Isaiah, is my guest blogger! He and Felix have a really precious relationship and he wanted to share his thoughts about life with a little brother who has Down Syndrome. I got pretty choked up reading this. He's such a wonderful big brother!

Hello. My name is Isaiah, or as Felix refers to me Baa Baa (brother, we think).
I am 14 years old and in high school, yet still my little baby brother is my best friend.
Ever since the first day Felix arrived home we had a very special bond; an unbreakable bond. I don't care that Felix has Down Syndrome; it doesn't mean anything to me. He would be the same person no matter what.

I love Felix. I babysit him if Mum and Dad need to stop down at the supermarket to grab something in a hurry. I play games with him when he's bored and I give him lots of cuddles when he's sad. But I would do this no matter what. When the doctors said that Felix could die I cried more than I ever had before. I thought the scenario over in my head a thousand times and if Felix had died I think, most of all, I would feel lost and without purpose. What do big brothers want more than to protect their little ones?
Big cuddles!

Lately as Felix has learnt new things, I've felt like the proudest person ever. When he walks to me I always make sure to high-five him and cuddle him. Felix does this new thing where if I hug his little stuffed toy monkey he laughs and takes it from me, then he proceeds to do the same. It is the cutest thing ever. Felix's favorite game he plays with me is (if I were to give it a name), is 'Policemen'. I suppose it's as good a name as any.

Walking practice
So this is how the game is played:  On the weekends, if I'm asleep on the floor in the lounge room, Mum will walk in and put Felix on my blanket. Then Felix comes and pulls my nose until I wake up. When I wake up I don't get annoyed at Felix for doing so, but I lift up my blanket and Felix crawls in and sits under it smiling and laughing. I don't know what it is with Felix, but he actually likes the dark. What kind of little kid likes the dark? I know I sure didn't when I was little; as a matter of fact I can still barely tolerate it. But anyway, after Felix is under the blanket he'll yell at me to move to certain places, such as what I assume a boss would do. I don't know why I decided that I'd choose for it to be 'Policemen', I just think Felix would make for a tough Chief of Police. So that's how we named the game.

Brotherly love
These are the things Felix and I like to do:  Felix loves piggy backs, chasey and most of all, as any boy, loves fighting. He'll randomly pop up behind me and climb on my back trying, I assume, to wrestle me to the ground. Of course, being a softy big brother, I have to let him win. Sometimes, of course, I have to beat him to make sure he knows that losing can be fun too!

This isn't even close to summing up how Felix has affected my life. The only thing I can add, without writing for years on end, would have to be that Felix changed my life. He changed all of my family's lives, and I know that it's definitely for the better.

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