Friday, 17 August 2012

Kisses, Cuddles and Tantrums

Too cute
I am pleased to say the kisses have returned; permanently this time. No longer are there weeks between kisses, but they are all day, every day and shared with anyone who would like one! Felix is so generous with his kisses now, that if he gives me a kiss and Daddy is home, he has to kiss Daddy as well. If one of his brothers is in the room, he has to kiss all three of us. His kisses are delicious; open mouthed, slobbery and absolutely irresistible! He even gave his buddy, Jacob's, Mum a kiss yesterday. She has the honour of being the first 'non-family member' to be on the receiving end of one of his smooches and she was very pleased about it.

Showing off
Felix was given a stuffed toy monkey a few weeks ago by one of his Godmothers. It is brightly coloured and really cute. He was petrified of it! He didn't want to go anywhere near it and if we put it on his lap, he would throw it as far across the room as he possibly could. Isaiah (14), decided to make it his mission to get Felix to, not only hold the monkey but cuddle it as well. He sat with Felix, cuddling the monkey and showing him it was OK. Isaiah would wrap his arms around the monkey and move from side to side, saying "Ahhhh". It didn't take long at all until Felix grabbed the monkey and copied what Isaiah had done exactly. Every time Isaiah cuddled the monkey, Felix would cuddle the monkey. Problem solved. He now sleeps with the monkey in his bed :)  

Me? Determined?
Since Felix has started walking a lot more, he has taken an interest in his little push along trolley. He races up the hallway and when he gets to the end he grunts at us to turn him around so he can go back the other way. Today Nathan was playing with Felix while I went to pick up the kids from school. He told me later about how when Felix was pushing the trolley around the lounge room, he would impatiently grunt if there was an obstacle (eg. the coffee table) even a metre in front of him. Nathan would move it just the slightest bit and Felix would happily push his trolley past it. He just wanted to make sure his path was clear. He's so funny when he gets impatient. Once he is much more competent on his feet, I'm sure he will probably stomp his feet as well. He's a very determined little man, which I'm sure will give us some headaches but will also benefit him, because I'm pretty sure he will push himself to do things even if they don't come easily to him.

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