Friday, 1 April 2016

Silver Lining

Ever have one of those frustrating days? Nothing major goes wrong, but lots of little annoying things? Yep. I've had one of those days!!

It started off pretty normally. I dropped Felix off at his classroom and he happily did his jobs and ran off to play on the playground. When the bell went, he refused to come down from the playground (throwing bark down the slide is WAY more important than getting to class on time!) I had to manoeuvre myself up onto the playground and hold onto his foot (the only part I could reach), before he took off up to the next level, then drag him close enough to be able to grab him. That was my exercise for the morning and, like I said, that was a normal start to the day. I went off to work, slightly puffed out, but knowing Felix was happily settled in class.

Just after recess, one of Felix's support workers came to find me because she thought he didn't seem like himself and might be sick. I went into his class and saw that he was pretty flat and didn't look very well so, after a phone call to Felix's Dad, he went home for the rest of the day. He was pretty miserable most of the afternoon, so it was a good decision to send him home. I'm thankful that the staff; his teacher and support workers all know him well enough to be able to see changes in his behaviour. He still can't communicate when he is feeling sick or when he is hurt, so it's great that they observe him so carefully.

WARNING.... if you don't deal well with "poo" stories, skip over the next paragraph ;)

New tricks!
The fact that Felix was unwell again was my first frustration. Walking in from work to a "poonami" was my second. As I've written previously, Felix has struggled with some gastrointestinal issues for the past couple of years. Nothing life threatening, but he still experiences some pain and discomfort at times although it is controlled quite well with his strict diet. Unfortunately eating gluten, which he has had to have a bit of lately prior to his blood tests, tends to block him up. He can't tell us his stomach is feeling upset, but he gets quite miserable and cranky and, after the absence of number two's, we finally figure it out. That's what was up with him today! Thankfully, after a little rest in his room, things got moving. The only problem is that Felix doesn't like the feeling of having a dirty nappy so, his solution is to take it off! Yep....taking off a nappy containing a few days worth of build up is never going to be tidy. His quilt cover, his quilt, his sheet, one of his favourite teddies, were all coated and that was my greeting when I got home from work today!!  The silver lining? Felix has been happy and settled ever since!!

The rest of the night has been a series of frustrations. All Felix's washed bedding ended up coming out stained and dirtier than when I put it in the machine, so I'm off to buy a new washing machine tomorrow. My computer crashed three times before I was able to upload photos and write my blog, so I wasted an hour. Finally, the internet dropped out, just as I was about to start typing. Sigh!

Can't get enough of this kid!
One of the many things Felix has taught me is to look for the positives in everything. Sometimes they're hard to find but, if you look closely enough they're there. In amongst the frustrations of today, there were so many little things that made me smile. The phone conversations with people I love. Bumping into friends I hadn't seen for a while. Sharing milkshakes and donuts with Aaron (16) and our dog, Atlas, while we were out for a walk. Felix's laughter and huge smiles when I pushed him on the swing (after his much needed bath) and, the fact that, despite the mess, he is feeling much better now and has fallen asleep comfortably and pain free.

I've got so much to be thankful for!

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