Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Show and Tell

Morning cuddles
Did I ever tell you how awesome it is to be a Granny? It's pretty fantastic! I'm absolutely loving having a sweet little newborn in the house. I can't get enough of baby breath and gummy smiles. Lucky I stopped after baby number 9 because I'm going to be clucky until I'm 90 years old. I could have ended up with 35 kids!! I'm counting on a house full of Grandchildren now.

The best part of having little Luna here is watching the interaction between her and Felix. This is the longest time they have ever spent together and they have developed quite a little bond. Luna can't take her eyes off Felix.....talk about make my heart melt! She smiles and smiles at him, and he leans in and gives her little kisses and hugs. Just gorgeous!
Proud Granny

Yesterday morning I realised, as we were walking out the door to school, that Felix didn't have anything to take for Show and Tell. Oops!! I was still a bit jet lagged from the end of daylight saving and Felix's 5.47am wake up, so my brain wasn't quite functioning. I was scrambling for an idea, when Bekah suggested Felix take Luna to show to his class. I'm so thankful she thought of something because I'm never at my most creative on a Monday morning.
Show and Tell

Felix stood at the front of his class and said clearly, "Good morning everybody!" He then proceeded to shyly jabber in his own little language while the class listened. I helped him to hold Luna, and I explained to the class (with Felix repeating after me), that Felix was an Uncle and so Luna was his niece. The kids were very active listeners, and thought it was so funny that Felix was an Uncle even though he was only little like them. There were lots of giggles and lots of questions. Before things got too chaotic, Felix said, "Thank you for listening" and, after I gave him a quick kiss goodbye, we left him to his day.

I'm so proud of him. He has come a long way from the little boy who used to lay, face down on the floor, covering his ears because there were too many children in the room. To see him standing up at the front of a class of his peers, and show his special things is so wonderful!

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