Sunday, 3 April 2016

Proud Uncle

So proud!
I've just got back from driving to the city...yet again. Days like today make me hope they hurry up and design a car that can drive itself. I'd be quite happy to sit back and relax for three hours instead of dodging kangaroos and bad drivers!

"Look at my fire station,
Today's trip was extra special. I drove down to pick up Felix's sister, Bekah, and our beautiful Granddaughter, Luna. Little Luna is only 3 months old, and doesn't usually like being in the car but, she was an absolute angel the whole way home and didn't make a sound. It must be her Granny's fantastic driving!

Felix was so excited to see his sister and niece. He ran to the door with a huge smile on his face, saying "Bekah, Luna" over and over. He's always been a bit wary around babies. He doesn't like it when they cry and actually gets quite distressed, dropping his lip and putting his hands over his ears. I wasn't sure how he would greet Luna, but he went straight into the room and sat next to her. He helped change her nappy, and zipped up her sleeping bag. He asked to hold her, saying "careful" as he wrapped his arms around her. He kept giving her little kisses and touching her really gently. I was so proud of how nurturing he was.

It hadn't occurred to me that Felix hadn't seen Bekah breastfeed Luna. He usually stays away from her, just in case she cries, so he hadn't been close enough to notice. The look on Felix's face, when he saw her feeding, was priceless. He looked absolutely horrified! He kept saying, "No, Bekah, no", and looked really worried. Even after I explained that Luna was drinking milk from her Mum, he insisted, "No, Mum!" I have a feeling we are going to have some fascinating conversations as he gets older. I can only imagine the things he's going to come out with!

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