Sunday, 17 April 2016

Party...Take Two

A selfie from yesterday. Nothing like getting our sillies on!
Yesterday was party, take two!! I got the date right this time, although we still had an issue with his costume. A friend kindly bought a Superman costume for Felix this past week; a size 3-5 because he's so small. Perfect right? No. The costume was so big for Felix, you couldn't see his hands or his feet. I roughly hemmed up the sleeves about 4 inches and the legs about 8 inches, and it looked about right...hahaha! I think I'm going to get good at sewing hems with his short little limbs!

Felix had a great time at his party. He enjoyed playing with his friends, and spending lots of time on the playground. He had a few swings at the pinata, and he loved singing happy birthday. I prepared him a (boring for me, but fun for him) plate of party food. A sugar, gluten and lactose free cupcake, a gluten free bread roll with some nutalex and gluten free vegemite, a sugar and lactose free chocolate, a banana, and some gluten free chips. It didn't look particularly appetising, but he thought it was great!
Gosh...he was so tiny!

Today Felix has done lots of reading and writing (his choice; strange kid!) The latest thing he likes to do is go through the alphabet and say something which begins with each letter. He says, "A is for apple, B is for ball...." etc. It's interesting that he changes up the words he says each time, which is a great way to see, not only how much his recognition of first sounds has grown, but also his vocabulary. I never get tired of watching him learn, and get so excited with every new word I hear him speak. He's come such a long way with his speech in the past couple of years.

One of his very first friend's parties.
Another one of Felix's big brothers is staying with us for a few days. He arrived today, with his girlfriend, and we are heading off to go camping tomorrow. Felix loves having his older siblings here to visit. He talks about them all the time when they're not here, so he is so happy when he gets to spend time with them. This afternoon we went out for a walk, with the older kids being dragged along by the three dogs, and Felix in the carrier on my back again. When we got out to the scrub, Felix got off my back and ran with the dogs. His coordination is improving so much, and he is able to run a lot further without getting as tired as he used to. He does a lot of shouting out, "Sit, stay, good boy!" It's pretty cute!

This week I've spent a bit of time looking back at old photos of me and Felix. I love reminiscing and enjoying all the old photos over and over again. Now that he's older, and very technologically savvy, he enjoys taking selfies, so we've taken a lot of fun ones recently. I hope you don't mind me being all sentimental and sharing some old ones with you!

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