Sunday, 10 April 2016

Batman (Well Kind Of)

You're making me wear this?
Our party at the park
It was a wacky kind of a start to the day today. Old age must be getting to me because, my usually very organised brain, was kind of scrambled this morning. I looked at the calendar to see that Felix had a birthday party to go to. That was OK because I had bought a present already. However, on closer inspection of the invitation, it said Felix had to come dressed as a superhero. My heart sunk....I don't tend to buy "character" type clothes or costumes, and Felix hasn't shown the slightest bit of interest in them either. I raced to his bedroom drawers and "Bingo", found a Batman tshirt his Granny had bought him for Christmas.  Next stop, the craft cupboard. I pulled out the hot glue gun and some velcro, a pillowcase and some yellow material and threw together something that really didn't evoke Batman at all but, hey, I tried right? A pair of black jocks over his track pant completed the look (Hahaha!) A friend offered a Batman mask for Felix to borrow...I just had to pick it up from her house. Perfect!

I made Felix some party food (his restricted diet is a nightmare at parties). I defrosted some of his cupcakes and iced them with sugar free icing, and raced out the door to pick up the Batman mask. I drove past the park where the party was going to be held and there wasn't anyone there yet. I called Felix's Dad to get him to check the invitation....yep the 10th of April. They must be running late. I picked up the mask and drove back up to the park. Still noone. I phoned him back again to double check the invitation. It was the RSVP date that was the 10th. The party isn't until next weekend!!! Sigh! Oh least I can work on improving on his costume in the meantime!!

By this stage, Felix could see the playground and really wanted to get out of the car to play. It was such perfect weather so I decided that Felix and I would hang out there for a while anyway. He had a great time on the swings...."High Mum, high!" When my arms couldn't take it any longer he went and played on the slide, and climbed everything he possibly could. It would have been nice to have some company, and some friends for Felix to play with, but we had a fun morning together despite the frantic start.

This afternoon, I decided to take Felix for a walk to try out a toddler carrier a friend had loaned me. He loved it!! We (or should I say I) walked about 3.5km, stopping so he could reach up and pick leaves off the trees or sniff the flowers growing there. He enjoyed being up high so he could see things better. He gets a bit bored in the pram and usually wants to climb in and out, but the carrier worked much better. He was happy just to sit and watch the world go by, chatting in my ear the whole time. He got out for a little run when I let the dog off her lead. They chased each other until Felix was worn out and happy to climb onto my back again. I'm thinking I might have to save up and buy one of my own now. It sure beats taking the pram everywhere!

Since having Felix, lots of days haven't quite ended up as expected, due to health issues, sensory issues, or just the fact that Felix likes to take his time. We've become experts at going with the flow, and whereas once I would have got annoyed when things didn't go to plan, I've learnt to roll with it and make the best out of situations when they change. Felix and I ended up having a great day today. We are both sunkissed and worn out. We'll sleep well tonight...a perfect end to the weekend!

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