Wednesday, 30 March 2016

School Days

New sight words. He was more
excited than he looks! :)
Felix was SO glad to be going back to school this morning. He couldn't get his uniform on quick enough, and was chattering away about it all morning. First it was "School...playground", followed straight afterwards with a long list of all of his friend's names. I love seeing him so happy to go to school. It makes all the nerves and anxiety I felt, in the months leading up to him going to school, fade into the background.

Felix is a stickler for routine...with everything!! School is no exception. I work at his school a couple of days a week so, on those days, he likes to help me get organised too. He takes my car keys and locks the car, then walks to the staff room with me and puts my lunch in the fridge and makes sure my bag is put away. It's adorable! I love our mornings together. We then head up to his classroom where he unpacks his bag and puts everything in the right places; communication book, library books, lunch box, reading folder, drink bottle and fruit, all in the correct spot. He has learnt it all so fast. After he has unpacked, he gets his school hat out of his tray, puts it on, and races straight outside to the playground for a quick play before the bell rings.

"Mum...stop with the camera flash!"
I was a bit worried that Felix would get lost in the crowd at school....literally. He's so much smaller than any of the other kids that I was sure he would be bowled over all the time. I shouldn't have been worried because he is so well looked after. All the kids know him by name, from the youngest kids to the high school ones. If he starts to head off to a part of the school where he's not meant to be, there is always someone willing to guide him back. If he refuses to come down from the playground, one of the bigger kids will climb up and slide down the slide with him. There is always someone walking past saying "hi" to him or giving him a high-five. It's just beautiful to watch. He's quite the little celebrity :)

Felix was very proud that he brought home some new sight words today. He read those and then wanted to read all the ones from previous weeks as well. I still can't believe his vocabulary. I'm honestly blown away by how many words he knows. He has always been interested in reading, but that brain of his has obviously retained so much of what we have read to him and exposed him to through lots of reading activities and games. It has taken time and hard work, but has never been a chore. Felix has always loved to learn and, to see it paying off now that he is at school, is so rewarding. He has been smashing stereotypes since he was just a tiny little guy. He signed his first word, "butterfly" at 8 months old, and hasn't stopped since. Super proud!
Cuddles with his puppy before bed.

I'll miss picking him up from school tomorrow. I've got to head to the city to spend some time with one of my gorgeous older boys. He's not quite as cute, but he gives pretty good hugs! I'll probably be too cranky and tired to blog tomorrow hopefully I'll have some interesting rambles in a couple of days!

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