Friday, 13 July 2012

Visiting Daddy

Uncle Felix babysitting his nephew, Noah
Felix had a big sleep in this morning. He didn't wake up until 8am, which was great except that he had a Physio/Podiatry appointment at 9am. Needless to say, he had a very quick breakfast and I got him dressed as fast as I could. He always sits on the potty first thing in the morning; something which can't be hurried. He likes to spend a few minutes playing peek-a-boo through an empty toilet roll while he sits there and does 'his thing'. We did pretty well to be ready on time and even had a few minutes to dance around the bedroom to some 80's music which was on TV. Felix was doing huge belly laughs as I was dancing around. His laugh is music to my ears. It's always a magical way to start the day.

Note Felix's single palm crease (Simian crease) on his hand.
A unique trait of Down Syndrome.
The Physio had the parallel bars all set up for Felix to use this morning. He thought they were interesting and stood holding them for a while, but he couldn't quite get the concept of walking through the middle of the bars holding his hands on either side. He preferred to cruise sideways, just hanging onto one of them. Of course, having the attention of two pretty young therapists is always quite a distraction for Felix. He would prefer to crawl around and smile coyly at them rather than do the things they would like him to do. He always brings his best smiles to therapy and has the girls wrapped around his finger very quickly.

They were both really happy with him, and could see the benefits from him wearing the Happy Strap for so long. It has allowed his hips to stay in good alignment and because we put the strap on him before he could sit up unaided, it meant that he never go in bad habits like 'W' sitting (with his bottom on the floor and his legs bent back with his toes pointing behind him). Our homework is to do more assisted walking and to try and get him to push something like a trolley or a cart to encourage him to walk independently. The Podiatrist wants to see him again once he's walking so we can get some good, supportive shoes for him. Being extraordinarily flexible, people with Down Syndrome really benefit from shoes that will give extra ankle support as their feet can easily roll in or out.

Aaron was so excited that Felix fell asleep next to him
on the couch. He thought it was really special.
The hospital where we had Felix's appointment is close to Nathan's work (the local Police Station). Felix loves visiting Daddy at work. He'll probably enjoy it even more once he takes an interest in Police Cars, Uniforms and flashing lights; all those things little boys love. We decided to drop by for a quick visit today. As soon as we pulled up out the front of the Station, Felix started signing "Daddy". His face lit up as soon as Nathan opened the door and he held his arms out to him to be picked up.

As always, as soon as we got into the office, Felix lifted Nathan's ID from around his neck and put it around his own. Immediately after Felix was wearing the ID, he crawled out of the office and up the hallway. It's almost as if he needs to be wearing 'his ID' and looking official before he'll venture out of the office. It's so funny. I'm sure he thinks he's an honorary Police Officer when we're there. The funniest part is when he comes across an Officer walking down the hallway. He cranes his neck all the way up to see who this person is who is wearing the same uniform as his Daddy. Sometimes they get a smile, and sometimes a suspicious look. Guaranteed they all stop for a quick chat with him. It's a fun outing for him!

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