Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Brekkie in Bed

That's a scary teacup!
Nathan is on afternoon shift today so he was home to take the older boys to school this morning and to pick up a few things from the supermarket. Felix and I got treated to breakfast in bed when he got home, which I wasn't expecting. Nathan came into the bedroom, where Felix and I were having a play, and brought in a tiny teacup and saucer filled with a baby-cino (a cup of cappuccino foam with chocolate powder on top), for Felix. There were a couple of pieces of croissant sitting next to it on the saucer too. My bigger version (plus coffee) followed. Yum!

The funniest thing was Felix's reaction. Bear in mind that usually Felix will happily grab our empty coffee mugs and try and drink the drips from the bottom of them. His response to the tiny little cup and saucer was to be horrified and nearly throw himself off the side of the bed. Nathan and I couldn't help it; we laughed so much. It was such a funny reaction and totally unexpected.

Actually... this is
After a couple of seconds, Felix got a little bit more inquisitive and moved a tiny bit closer towards the teacup and saucer. We could tell that he really wanted to touch it but he was still a bit wary. Nathan scooped up some of the froth onto a teaspoon and put it in Felix's mouth. He didn't need any more convincing after that. He grabbed the spoon and started scooping it into his mouth by himself. He didn't stop until it was all gone, then looked at my coffee and said "Mmmmmm".

Felix was extraordinarily smiley today. He couldn't wipe the grin off his face all day. He charmed all of the ladies at the shops; smiling and pointing and doing his 'Ooooooooh' face. He had a beaming smile when he was sitting on the toilet, and had nothing but grins when he ate his dinner. He was still smiling tonight when I dressed him in his pajamas and put him to bed. I wasn't in the greatest of moods today, but that gorgeous face lightened my mood so much. How can I feel grumpy when I look at that smile?

This is what I have had to look at all day. It's been pretty tough,
but somebody had to do it!! x x x 

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