Tuesday, 24 July 2012

That Face!

We've missed these crazy faces!
Felix is still a bit unwell today. His nose is runny and he sounds very crackly in his chest and has a horrible cough. Even though he's not feeling the best, he is eating much better and showed us lots of his crazy faces which have been missing for the last few days.

I haven't mentioned many of Felix's firsts lately, but he has a few new cute ones. He has always loved the song 'Twinkle, twinkle, little star', and could already wiggle his fingers like they were twinkling and does half a diamond by touching his thumbs together. This past week he has finally learnt the 'Up above the world so high' bit. He points both his pointer fingers and stretches his arms as high as he can up to the sky. SO cute!!!

A bit of cleaning
Another thing he has started to do is shake his head for 'No'. He will crawl up to something he knows he's not meant to touch, then he will look at me and shake his head. He will then go on to touch it anyway and then look at me with a cheeky smile until I tell him off and move him away. Isaiah (14), commented today that he can't believe how much Felix can actually communicate to us these days. He's finding it a lot easier to understand what Felix is asking and what he wants. It just goes to show that you don't always need the spoken word to communicate.

I asked Isaiah to wipe the front of the cupboards in the kitchen today. Felix was looking for something to do so I gave him a sponge as well. He helped Isaiah and had so much concentration on his face as he wiped the cupboard. I'm glad I thought ahead and gave him a brand new sponge, though, because it inevitably ended up in his mouth. I really try to include Felix in little jobs around the house and make a bit of a game about it. I want him to be able to contribute in the same way the other kids learnt to do when they were younger, and help him become self-sufficient as he grows.

I love the look of victory on his face... Naughty boy!
Felix isn't usually allowed to touch the computers at home. He has pulled a few of the keys off (I'm now an expert at writing my blog with no 'L' key). This afternoon I sat Felix up on the bed next to Nathan, who was on his computer. Mine was sitting on the bed closed. Felix looked sideways at Nathan to check if he was looking, and then picked up my laptop and pried it open. He kept looking back at Nathan to see if he was going to tell him off or not. When he got the laptop open, he began 'typing' on the keys. He still kept checking Nathan's face to see if he was in trouble; then he looked at me with a beaming, victorious smile! We couldn't help but start laughing. That face is just too irresistible....naughty boy!

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