Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Out of the House

Changing the Channel
Poor Felix hasn't been out of the house for over a week. First his brothers were sick, then him and then the rest of us. We're so lucky he is such a contented little man otherwise he would have been going stir crazy since he's been feeling a bit better. The funniest little things keep him happy. He still loves playing with his strings of beads; he will either have them around his neck or be banging them against something. He will 'read' books for ages, especially ones with pages with touch and feel textures. He loves singing so much, so we spent a large part of today singing and doing actions to songs. He has learnt some new ones as well. Just like signing, he concentrates so hard on learning new actions and will mimic what I do. Sometimes he does an action perfectly straight away and other times he will keep trying until he gets it. He is very determined.

Still a bit snotty
I had to make a quick trip to the Pet Store today, so I took Felix with me to get him out of the house for a few minutes. We took some extra time to look at some of the animals there. There was a whole aviary full of yellow and green budgies which Felix thought were pretty amazing. His eyes were big and wide and he was signing the word "bird". He wasn't quite sure where to look because there were so many of them. Next to the birds were some big rats in a cage. Felix wasn't too sure about them, which was OK by me because I thought they were pretty disgusting myself, so I was happy to move away from them. Lastly, we looked at a massive big barrel of goldfish. I wanted to show Felix the sign for "fish" but I needed two hands and because I was holding him I didn't have two hands free. We'll have to work on that one another time. I think Felix enjoyed having a little bit of time out of the house.

Cuddles with Aaron and signing
Despite having been so sick this week, Felix is doing really well with his potty training still. I've only had to change a dirty nappy twice in the past week because he did his business before I was able to get him up from his morning nap. Apart from that, he is now signing "toilet" to us if he needs to do a number two. We have to be watching for it because, like I said before, he can't verbally shout out, "Hey..I need to go!" He does pretty well to make eye contact with us before he signs "toilet". He's such a clever boy... as soon as we sit him up on the seat, he does what he needs to do; has a bit of a laugh when I tickle his toes or sing some songs to him and then when he's done he holds up his arms to get off. He's never on there for more than a few minutes. We're very proud of him!

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