Thursday, 5 July 2012

Making the Best of it!

I was thinking today about how much my parenting style changed when I became a single Mum (to 7 kids aged 3- 13) in 2003. I realised very quickly the things that were worth fighting over and the things that weren't. Of course, there had to be discipline to avoid complete anarchy, but for the first time in my life I was actually able to relax and really enjoy my children. I guess in a way, it was my early tastes of 'stopping to smell the roses' before Felix showed me that's exactly what I have to do. Looking back now, maybe it was my training period. I think it was a period in my life when I made so many mistakes (the kids could list hundreds); but it was also a time which drew me and the kids closer than we had ever been before. I have always been proud of them, but during that time they amazed me even more. Love you guys more than anything x x x

Trying so hard to crawl (11 months)
Having a child with Down Syndrome means that you have no choice but to become patient. If you are a parent who is competitive and likes to 'one-up' others (which, let's face it, we have probably all been guilty of from time to time), you will have to learn very quickly that you can't do that anymore. If you go to a regular playgroup, it will soon become obvious that while everyone else's children can now crawl off the play mat, your child may not even be able to sit up yet. Learning to be patient is something I have learnt to love. Why? Because the day your child with Down Syndrome can finally crawl off that mat will give you one of the most euphoric feelings in the world. One of the other great things about having to wait a little longer is that you will often not be alone in your excitement. The day Felix showed everyone at playgroup that he could crawl, the other Mums at playgroup noticed before I even pointed it out. They were so excited!!

Felix has the best brothers
We're all still sick today. Nathan has been so wonderful, looking after us all, but unfortunately he has finally succumbed to the 'flu so it's our turn to look after him now. Felix is a bit better and is showing signs of his cheeky self again; he's kept us quite entertained today. I'm glad we've all become accustomed to enjoying the little things otherwise the last few days would have been really boring. Instead, we have sat and watched Felix show us some new dance moves, shaking his head from side to side, and doing actions to all of his favourite songs. We have watched him, sitting with us on the bed, reading his books and signing all the words he knows. He knows so many now without us having to give him any prompts. I didn't know how many until I lay in bed and watched him today. Since pointing at my photo and saying "Mum" the other day, he has been consistently saying it which is pretty special. Tonight before he went to bed, he signed "Daddy, asleep, tired" (and poked himself in the eye when he signed "tired"...Oops!)

I can't wait until we're all better so we can fully enjoy each other again, but we've been making the most of all the extra cuddles with Felix and the boys. I have to mention how thankful we are to Aaron and Isaiah for all the cups of tea and for playing with Felix while we've been resting. We're thankful too that Joel can drive now because he has run out to the shops for us to buy extra tissues and other bits and pieces which has been a wonderful help. Thanks so much boys x x x

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