Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ready to go!

Still sleepy!
Well tomorrow is the first day of my crazily busy three days. Felix and I will set off early tomorrow on our four hour drive into the city. As soon as we get there, Felix will have to go straight to his Speech Pathology appointment. He usually travels really well and because of the time we'll be driving, hopefully he'll sleep for a couple of hours so he'll be bright and cheery for his appointment. Fingers crossed we have a nice, easy drive and don't encounter any kangaroos on the road (or stupid drivers who are even worse!)

Felix was so funny today. Joel and Mel had little Noah laying on the floor in the lounge room to have some tummy time. Felix was patting him, saying "Ahhhh" like he does when he pats one of the dogs. He was touching his fingers and his little toes and really studying him. All of a sudden, Noah rolled over from his belly to his back and landed in Felix's lap. Felix dragged himself backwards so quickly to get away from him. That scary baby can move now!!! Just when Felix thought it was safe to get close, Noah has learnt something new. We were all clapping for Noah so, despite still being a bit shocked, Felix started clapping his hands as well. It was very cute!

Mmmmmm.... banana!
Hopefully I'll get to write my blog while I'm away, but I'm not sure how much access I'll have to the internet or how much time I'll have to write (hence why today's is very short...busy getting organised!)  If I don't have a chance to write, I'm sure I'll have lots of inspiration to write when I get home! I'm going to miss my hubby and my boys like crazy. I know it's only three days, but we're never apart so it's going to be tough. I'm looking forward to catching up with my parents and our beautiful daughters. I haven't seen them for so long, so that's the bit I'm looking forward to.

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