Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wonderful news!

Fun in the sand
Thursdays are usually Playgroup day for Felix and I, but the starting time has changed and unfortunately it now falls right when Felix has his sleep. I was a little bit teary when I found out we wouldn't be able to make it any more. As I have written in previous posts, the Mums there have been an amazing support to both Felix and myself. The week they all decided to theme Playgroup around World Down Syndrome Day meant so much to me. It's not easy as an older Mum to find a group of young women who are so accepting; and to find a group who not only accept an older Mum but also one with a child with a disability is wonderful. I'm going to miss them. Hopefully I'll be able to find another afternoon Playgroup with Mums who are just as lovely!

Brushing off the sand 
I knew we wouldn't be going to Playgroup today so I wanted to have a special morning with Felix. Last weekend Nathan and I finally got some sand for Felix's sand pit. The sun was shining early today so I thought it would be a good time for Felix to check it out. He loved it! Watching Felix play and learn is still one of my most favourite things to do. He sat and let the sand run through his fingers, and giggled when I sprinkled it over his toes. He concentrated on using the spade to scoop sand into the bucket and when he found bits of sand that were still in a big chunk, he picked them up and squashed them. Of course he had to taste the sand which he crunched between his teeth. It sounded dreadful, but it is just one of the ways Felix introduces himself to different sensory experiences. He stuck out his tongue and tried to wipe some sand off, but quickly went back to crunching away.
So thoughtful

After a play in the sand, Felix came inside and ventured closer to little Noah than he ever has before. Noah was laying on the floor near Felix's toys. Felix laughed and smiled as he touched him which was beautiful. He pulled off Noah's socks and then tried really hard to put them back on him again. After a while, Noah started to cry a little bit so I picked him up and started patting him on the bottom. Felix came over straight away and said, "Ahhhh" and then he began to pat Noah as well. My heart melted; it was so sweet!

Yesterday I had the best news.....

Felix was happy with the news too :)
What I really wanted to share today relates to something I posted a few days ago. Remember the lady who contacted me because she had been given a pre-natal diagnosis of Down Syndrome? She asked for some more information about Down Syndrome, but was leaning towards termination? I didn't expect to hear from her again and grieved for her baby; but also felt sorrow that she would never know the indescribable joy of raising a child with Down Syndrome. She emailed me again yesterday, and then I spoke to her on the phone. I literally cried tears of joy when I heard her say that she felt more and more every day that she wanted to have and raise her baby. She still hasn't made a definite decision, but I am hopeful that the little life growing in her womb is going to have the opportunity to bring her a love and a delight like one she has never known. My conversation with her was the highlight of my day!

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