Monday, 28 May 2012


I had to post this video. I can't get enough of Felix's giggles!
I love when the kids interact with him like this. It makes me so proud of them and everything they have taught Felix. They really love him to bits x x x

This morning Felix woke up at 5am, so by the time it was time to go to his Special Needs Playgroup at 9.30am he was well and truly ready for his morning sleep. He started waving at me which is what he does when he's saying goodnight and wants to go to bed. I really don't like him missing Monday playgroup so I took him anyway, hoping he'd be a bit happier by the time we got there.
So sleepy
He's such a funny little guy. We walked into playgroup and he started waving at everyone and put his head on my shoulder. It was definitely a, 'yep, OK, we came to playgroup, now please take me home so I can sleep'. What a mean Mum I am! Once I put him down on the floor to play he was much happier though. He sat and played with some plastic animals and made pig noises (his favourite at the moment). He had lots of smiles and wandered off from me a little bit. Then came Sophie......

The beautiful Miss Sophie is Felix's little friend at playgroup who also has Down Syndrome, and has just had her third birthday. Sophie loves Felix and really, really, really wants to cuddle him. The problem is, Felix really doesn't want to be cuddled. Poor Sophie, as soon as she gets close to Felix he pushes her away and looks very unimpressed. She tried hard a couple of times to sit next to him this morning and in the end he burst into tears. Not enough sleep and too much female attention was enough to set him over the edge. Little Sophie's bottom lip dropped and she looked so worried about him. Her concern was so sweet. The good news is that after his little cry he actually crawled over towards Sophie and started playing right next to her.

Earlier in the year when Felix actually let Sophie cuddle him

Felix lasted for an hour at playgroup and then lay face down on the floor. I picked him up and took him over to the table for fruit time, but when he picked up his banana and threw it on the floor and started waving at everyone again, I realised that I should probably take him home to bed. He gave everyone a cheeky smile as we were leaving; he was getting his wish and being taken home to bed.  The second his head touched the mattress in his cot, he fell asleep. It had been a very early start to the day. He did well to stay awake for as long as what he did.


  1. Thanks for the video of felix was in the need of a giggle he is so cute and sophie does love him so much she is a very loving little girl.

    1. She's a sweetheart! Hopefully one day Felix will give her a cuddle back...Hahaha! :)