Thursday, 10 May 2012

There were tears!

Felix and Odin
Felix has always loved all of our pets, and most of them love him back. He is learning to be very gentle by practising on our very tolerant cat, Brutus. Brutus also has a disability; he only has 3 legs due to a necessary amputation after a run in with a car a few years ago. Maybe that's why he's so patient with Felix. They share a common bond. Brutus lets Felix climb on him, pull his fur and drag him along by the tail. We, of course, tell Felix off when he starts being rough because we don't want him to hurt Brutus, but Brutus keeps coming back for more. He is so good with him.

One of our other cats, Caesar, is quite the opposite to Brutus. He will rub himself up against your leg one minute and bite you on the knee the next. He will give you attention if he thinks you are deserving, but most of the time likes to do his own thing. We have always been super careful to not even leave Felix in the same room as Caesar. Tonight, however, we were not paying close enough attention. It was one of those slow motion moments you know is about to happen, but there is nothing you can do to stop it. Felix stood up next to the basket Caesar was sitting on and in the blink of an eye, was scratched in the face from under his nose to his lip (thankfully not his eye). Felix screamed and Caesar bolted from the room. I think he was scared of what I'd do to him if I caught up with him.

Caesar 1 - Felix 0
Felix recovered much more quickly than Daddy did. Nathan was very worried and, as he was cooking dinner at the time, was tempted to stir fry Caesar with the vegetables for dinner, I think! Hopefully the scratch will heal up OK. If it leaves a scar he will always be able to tell the story of when he fought the big black cat and came out of it alive! In the meantime I will be on high alert whenever Caesar is nearby.

Felix loves his new earplugs/headband!
A few days ago, I wrote about how I'd ordered some special earplugs and a headband (to keep the earplugs in). They arrived today. I put the headband on Felix's head loosely to start off with and he smiled at his reflection in the mirror and thought it was great. After it fell off because it was too loose, I put it back on properly. As you can see by the photo, he wasn't terribly impressed! I can see we might have a few problems getting him used to wearing it. I'm up for the challenge. Hopefully everyone else at the pool will have their earplugs in as well.

It wasn't all tears for Felix today. Nathan had a day off, so he was able to have some time playing with Daddy which he absolutely loves. Felix loves some strings of beads he has in his toybox. Sometimes he puts them around his neck or around our necks. He has got very good at taking them on and off and doesn't need help any more. Today, while he sat with Nathan, he concentrated hard on putting the beads into a container and taking them out again. He then picked up the big foam letter 'O' from his playmat and put the beads through the circle in the middle and out the other side. I love watching him so focussed on doing something and being successful at it. He has got so much patience. He will just keep trying until he gets it right.
My Angel

Sometimes I still cry when I look at Felix. Tears of joy as I look at the wonder in his face. I marvel every day at his incredible little life. He inspires me to be a better person. Tonight I cried for the babies with Down Syndrome who are never given the opportunity to be born. I hope heaven saves it's most beautiful playground for these most precious angels.

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