Friday, 4 May 2012

Standing Alone

Such a crazy face
SO proud of our little guy today. Every time he does something for the first time I want to burst with pride. I just have to brag....

Felix was sitting up on our bed with me this afternoon when he pulled himself to stand by holding onto my knee and then he let go. For a split second he stood up all by himself without hanging onto anything! He pulled one of his crazy, happy, Felix faces and looked so proud, and then he did it a second time. I had to contain myself from squealing with excitement. Felix obviously didn't want Daddy to feel left out so, when they were playing together tonight, he did it again. There was a lot of clapping and a lot of praise for our precious little man. He's just so clever!

Felix and his special dog, Chaos
I forget sometimes that all of our other kids were walking and talking at the same age as Felix (19 months old). He still seems so tiny to me and it's been nice to have him at the baby stage for longer than the other kids. I underestimate his comprehension sometimes though. Just because he can't actually verbalise words, it doesn't mean he can't understand what we're saying to him. He follows simple instructions well and he gestures in different ways when I say or do certain things. For example, if we go to visit Nathan at work Felix will sign 'Daddy' as soon as we get there even if I haven't mentioned where we are going. He will then lean forward in his car seat so he can see when Nathan comes out of the door. The smile which follows is priceless!

The beautiful outback where we walk our dogs
This afternoon we took Felix with us when we walked the dogs. He was in his pram and we didn't hear a single sound from him for the whole hour because he just loves watching the dogs run and it keeps him occupied the whole time. Towards the end of the walk when we put the dogs back on their leads, I looked at Felix to see that he had grabbed one of the leads in his hand and was 'walking' the dog. He had such a look of concentration on his face. I kicked myself that I didn't have my camera with me (anyone who knows me well will know that my camera is a permanent fixture on the end of my arm!)

Felix when he used to rock a mohawk
Another fun and very special time of my day today was lunch time when Felix and I had a picnic inside. I spread out a towel to catch the crumbs and we sat and watched an episode of Glee. Yes...I hate to admit that I am watching Glee- don't tell anyone! I have always been one of those people who 'eye rolled' when someone told me they watched Glee, but I have succumbed and have actually been enjoying it (well..the music anyway). Felix and I sat and danced and sang together while we ate our lunch. It was a really fun Mummy and Son time. I think we might make it a regular thing!

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