Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Special People

Our 8 crazy kids; the absolute light of our lives
Mothers Day is coming up here in Australia this Sunday. I have just finished reading a text message from my Mum. Do you know what she wants for Mother's Day? A couple of boxes of decaffeinated tea and a bottle of pure vanilla essence! A couple of Christmases ago she asked for a new flour sifter because her other one had broken, and last birthday she wanted a new Yahtzee pad for when the kids next came to visit. When the kids go to stay at her house they bake, go for walks and play boardgames.  When she comes to visit here, she will sit and read Felix book after book or sing songs and do crazy actions. The older kids even get her to go across to the park and kick the football. My childhood, and now our children's, has never been about how much money we spend or who buys the best gifts. It has always been about thoughtfulness and quality time with each other. I love my Mum so much and I hope I have become even just a little bit like her. 
My beautiful Mum reading one of many stories to Felix

Thinking about Mum made my thoughts turn to all the wonderful people Felix has in his life to watch over him as he grows. Not a day goes by when I'm not totally thankful for our huge family. Isaiah (14) was only talking again the other day about how he wants Felix to live with him when he's older. He told me that we have to start saving to help him pay for a Granny flat to attach to his house for Felix to live in. Aaron (12) said he wants to spend heaps of his time with Felix when he's grown, but he better not help him with his money because he's not very good at saving. They decided that Joshua (15) should help Felix with his finances because he's good at budgeting. It was the most adorable conversation; nothing like thinking ahead!

Felix loves his Godmothers
Felix and one of the special ladies in his life
Nathan and I have a couple of beautiful friends who we asked to watch out for Felix and give him lots of love and support through his life (we call them his Godmothers for want of a better term). These two lovely ladies are like family to us and Felix already loves them dearly, as we do. I know some parents of kids with Down Syndrome get worried about who will watch over their children in the event of them no longer being around, especially if they have no other children and are older themselves. I really believe that the people in our kids lives don't have to be 'blood' family. Felix's Godmothers are a perfect example of that. Not only do they love Felix and want to be part of his life, but their own families have welcomed Felix as one of their own as well. I really hope that every parent of a child with Down Syndrome has some extra special 'non-blood relatives' in their lives who will be willing to step up and be that extra support. Maybe you can offer that support to someone you know with a child with Down Syndrome. It would mean the world to them.

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