Friday, 18 May 2012

A little bit sick :(

Rosy cheeks and snotty nose
but still gorgeous!
Wow! What a shock to the system. Felix woke up last night for the first time in about 6 months. He was miserable with a bit of a temperature and a runny nose. I cuddled him in his room for a few minutes then put him back in his cot. He wasn't too happy about that and dropped his lip and looked so sad. When I went to leave the room he started to cry and held his arms out to me, opening and closing his fists. It was so sweet but he was really upset, so I picked him up and brought him into our bed. He went and lay on Nathan's shoulder and started stroking him. He really loves his Daddy, but he's usually up getting ready for work when Felix wakes up in the morning so he enjoyed his snuggles. After about half an hour he settled enough for me to put him in his cot and he went back to sleep (It was 3.30am). I'm loving being an older and more experienced Mum this time around, but getting up in the middle of the night is so much harder than it was in my 20's!!

Not sick enough to
leave Mums phone alone
We've been so lucky with Felix healthwise. At 19 months of age he has only ever had a couple of colds and not much else. Kids with Down Syndrome are a lot more prone to things like ear infections and other complications from colds, so I always take extra care if Felix gets sick. I swear by the vaporiser we have going in his room every single night. Since we've had one, Felix rarely ever wakes up stuffy in the mornings anymore whereas he used to always have a blocked nose.  I'm wondering if these symptoms are as a result of the Chicken Pox vaccine he had recently. I remember the nurse telling me that there will be side effects for more than 3 weeks after it, including temperatures of 39+ which he has at the moment. Hopefully that's all it is and he will be back to his healthy self in no time.

During the day today, Felix still looked super cute with his rosy red cheeks and runny nose. He was a bit quieter than usual, but still managed to get into lots of mischief. He emptied Daddy's underwear drawer (again) and at one stage had 3 pairs of jocks around his neck at once. In the kitchen, he usually pulls the tea towels out of the bottom drawer, unfolding them all as he goes (such a helper). Today, he realised he has enough balance to stand and open the drawers higher up and pull everything out. I was tidying out some cupboards so I didn't mind as it kept him occupied so I could get my job done (and I did admire how clever he was being), but I had quite a task of re-rolling the aluminium foil and picking up dozens of freezer bags and twist ties when I was finished.

When Nathan got home today I was showing him some videos I had taken of Felix which I had uploaded to the computer. Felix was quite happy to watch at first, and even laughed at himself. However, once a video came on of him making noise, he freaked out. It was so funny; the poor kid looked terrified. He climbed up high on Nathan's shoulder and was too frightened to look at the screen anymore. I'm not quite sure why it scared him, but he has always got a bit worried if another baby has cried or made any loud noises so maybe he associated this strange kid on the video as someone else. We tried to get him to watch another one, but he wouldn't have any of it!

Still Smiling
A while ago I mentioned that Felix had been really scared when he saw a new shower loofah I had bought. looked terrified! The lady who runs the Special Needs Playgroup suggested I buy a couple of them and put them in his toybox, so that he could find them and interact with them at his own pace. I'm pleased to report that I did that and he is perfectly fine with them now. He will even play games with them and throw them around which is fantastic progress. I don't think I'll ever know why they frightened him in the first place, but I'll definitely try the same thing with other objects he has sensory issues with. Maybe I'll attempt to show him the videos of himself again sometime too.


  1. Hope Felix is feeling better soon. I might go grab a vaporiser for Jaxon also. He always seems to have a snuffy nose too. It comes and goes. Have a wonderful weekend.
    PS. Just loved the video of him dancing and talking. :)

    1. Thanks. He's woken up much brighter today; just a bit of a runny nose. The vaporiser is awesome. Make sure you air out the room during the day as the walls can get very damp (we even had some mould on them) It really works wonders for stuffy noses though. Glad you enjoyed the video :)