Wednesday, 1 May 2013

So Much Persistence

I've always loved the fact that Felix is so good at entertaining himself; enjoying his 'alone' time and using his imagination. As a Mum, of a two year old, I'm always a little bit suspicious if Felix goes too quiet, so I will peek into the room to make sure he's OK, but I do it quietly so I don't disturb him if he's enjoying being by himself. Yesterday, he went really quiet, so I crept into the room to see what he was up to. He had got all of his plastic bowling pins out of his toy box, and was trying to stand them all up. Two of them stood up easily, but the third one kept falling over on the soft carpet. I was amazed at Felix's patience as he persisted over and over (about 6 times), before it finally stayed upright. He then moved onto the fourth pin, which stood up easily but, while standing it up, he knocked over the third one with his arm. He patiently went back to it, and repeated the same process again. Eventually he had all six pins standing in a row. He looked very satisfied with his achievement, and then used his finger to point at each one. I knew he was counting them, even though he can't actually say the words, so I started counting out loud "one...two...three..." He looked up at me with a massive smile and I could tell he was so pleased that I knew exactly what he was doing. We counted them a few more times before he laughed and knocked them all over.
I'm stuck!

Felix had a friend over to play yesterday. He did his usual 'shy' thing, for the first ten minutes or so, hiding his face and peeking out between his fingers, but after that he was fine. His little friend is almost twice as tall as Felix, and quite chatty but, for some reason, Felix doesn't seem to be worried about him. His friend has Autism, so it was really interesting for me to watch him and Felix together; both kids with a 'disability', but both of them so full of personality and joy, it was absolutely beautiful. They each have a language all their own, but they seemed to connect with each other. When I put Felix to bed, for his sleep, his little friend followed me into the room, sat on the edge of the bed and leaned his face close to Felix's. Usually, that would freak Felix out, but it didn't. His friend said something to Felix in his own little language, and then said, "night, night". Talk about cute!!

I was folding the washing this morning and, as usual, Felix was being a big helper. When I walked out of the room to put some clothes away, Felix had been wrestling with a fitted sheet, giggling his head off as he hid underneath it. Just before I came back, I could hear a 'protesting' sound coming from the room. Wondering what I was going to find, I walked back into the room to find Felix with the sheet wrapped around his head, and both of his arms. It looked hilarious, but he was completely stuck. He wasn't crying, but he was definitely trying to tell me that he needed some help. Being a mean Mum, I quickly took a couple of photos first, before rescuing Felix from the sheet that was attacking him. It was too good a photo opportunity to pass up.
Hurry up Mum!

This morning Felix and I went to Kindergym. We went to a later session that we usually do and there were only five children there, including Felix. It was perfect for him because he had plenty of room to play without coming face to face with a lot of other kids. As usual, he was fascinated with watching the children jumping on the trampoline. He gets mesmerised by them and I'm sure he'd love to be up there jumping just as high. I picked him up and helped him jump on the big padded gymnastic mats, as high as my arms could lift him. He laughed so much and every time I stopped, he signed 'again'. I did it until my arms couldn't do it anymore and then threw myself on the mat next to him. He gave me big cuddles; I know he appreciated that I'd helped him :)

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