Monday, 20 May 2013

Adventures of Felix

Hiding on the bookshelf
My internet has been so frustrating the past few days, cutting in and out. I have tried to write my blog, but it was impossible. Hopefully it's all been sorted out today and I'll have a bit more success.

Felix has been a delight lately. Even though I am frantically packing up the house to move, he has still found ways to have fun and entertain himself. Empty, or half packed, boxes are a two year old's best friend, and he has been making the most of finding lots of new hiding holes wherever he can. Book shelves and cupboards, free of their usual fullness, have been perfect for him to climb in and on. He has barely played with his toys because there are way too many fun things to investigate at the moment.

Mummy's slippers
I got some enormous yellow slippers for Mother's Day and Felix is fascinated with them. I watched him, a couple of days ago, sitting on the floor trying really hard to put them on his own feet. After some persistence, he managed to get one of them on, but had the other one backwards. He tried to stand up, but found it a little bit difficult. He studied his feet for a while until he realised his mistake. He took off the backward one and turned it around the right way. I didn't think he would have a chance of being able to walk in them; I can barely do it but, true to form, he stood up and walked away like he'd been doing it for years! Always full of surprises that kid!

Due to packing, and lots of rearranging, the computer is currently sitting on the coffee table in the corner of our lounge room. Yesterday morning, I walked in the room to find Felix with the boy's headphones on, the computer mouse in one hand, and his other hand busily typing on the keyboard. He knows he's not allowed to touch the computer but, I must admit, I was pretty impressed with his skills. He must have been watching his big brothers because he knew exactly what to do. I felt a bit emotional, like I do every time I see him doing something new. His capacity to learn is so huge! Kids with Down syndrome can never be underestimated. They really are amazing little people, with so much potential, they just need to be given the opportunity.
Working hard on the computer

My funny Felix story of the week happened at dinner time last night. He has been snacking a lot lately during the day, on fruit, sultanas and sandwiches, so he hasn't been eating much in the evening. Last night I put his bowl of food, and his fork, on his high chair and he promptly threw them both across the room. I picked up his hand, gave him a gentle smack on his fingers and firmly said, "No". His expression didn't change, he didn't look even the tiniest bit surprised or upset. Instead, he smacked his own hand, copying what I had done. I tried to keep my expression serious, but it was such an unexpected reaction that I had to fight to keep a straight face!!

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