Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Not Feeling It

Rudolph nose
Felix wasn't quite himself at Kindergym today. There were a lot of kids there and quite a few were 'squealers'. Felix kept looking at me, with a sad face, signing 'hear' and then covering his ears. It was way too loud for him. He wasn't very happy at all, poor little man. Whenever the noise quietened down, he played and jumped but, as soon as it got loud again, he curled up in a little ball with his hands over his ears. I really felt for him because I could tell he really wanted to play, but the noise was too overwhelming. Even at song time, Felix was really excited, but the little one next to him just kept squealing so he buried his head in my lap. He was ready to go by the end, signing 'finished, goodbye and car'. I got the hint!
Watching Play School

Even when we got home, Felix was a little bit sad. He looks like he's getting a bit of a cold. His nose is bright red and he's coughing a bit. His 'number 2's' have been pretty putrid too, so we'll just have to wait it out and see if it develops into anything. He only had to bump himself slightly today and he started to cry. If the dogs wagged their tail near his face, or pushed past him, he sat down broken hearted. He certainly wasn't much of a tough guy today. Hopefully he won't get too sick. He's due to have his next lot of surgery on his ears in a couple of weeks, so we need him nice and healthy for that.

Cuddles with Aaron
Our little man is loving his new big bed. Often, at sleep time, one of the bigger boys will go and climb into bed with Felix for cuddles. He thinks it's hilarious and hides from them under his quilt. Aaron and Isaiah are so good with him. They tickle him and play with him, making him laugh his head off. They sing songs with him and keep up with his demands of doing the actions to his favourite songs. His bed is so big, compared to his tiny little body, that he can roll around and be really restless, but still stay on the bed without falling off. It's perfect!

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