Friday, 3 May 2013

Bedtime Antics

Testing out the new bed with Aaron
I ordered Felix a double bed, about a week ago and we went to pick it up yesterday. I'm not a huge fan of  leather-look beds, but the design was perfect for what we wanted for Felix. It's really low to the ground (about the same as his toddler bed), and the soft sides are perfect for him to climb up and down on. He was forever bashing his head against the side of his toddler bed, being such a worm when he sleeps, but won't have those problems with this nice, soft one. Hopefully it will last him well into his teenage/early adulthood years (as long as he doesn't decide to chew on it!) I'm looking forward to having a comfy spot to lay next time he's sick; it will sure beat laying on the floor!

I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to 'quickly' put the bed together before Felix's bedtime (it was already 5.30pm at this point). I have put together many pieces of furniture and like to think I can match the boys with my assembly skills. This bed, however, proved to be a challenge. I'm sure that when the manufacturers of furniture design these things, they have an evil laugh as they imagine us mere mortals trying to put them together. It took forever to assemble it! It didn't help that he was trying to assist me, balancing screws along the edge of the bed and then putting them in his mouth; climbing and touching everything in sight. I was trying to be patient but, after dropping a piece on my leg and then cutting my finger, it was a struggle.
Could he get any cheekier?

Finally, after 7pm, Felix's bed was complete and there it stood, literally covered in my blood, sweat and tears! He thought it was fantastic. He climbed on it, rolled on it and lay on his pillow with his monkey and sock cat. His brothers tested it out and both said how lucky Felix was and asked why they didn't get to have a double bed as well? Isaiah and Aaron have already decided that they will have sleepovers in Felix's room sometimes, as long as he doesn't wriggle too much.

Bedtime came along, and Felix was more than happy to snuggle up on his new bed and wave goodnight. Everything was quiet through the baby monitor, so I assumed he had gone peacefully to sleep, and had images in my mind, of his tiny little body in that big bed. Just before I went to bed, I went to check on Felix. There he was, sound asleep, on the floor! After all my efforts there he was, looking quite cosy, all curled up on the floor next to the bed. He obviously wasn't quite sure about his new bed. I carefully picked him up and put him up on it, and patted him until he was back in a deep sleep. I heard lots of tossing and turning during the night, so I'm not sure if he stayed on the bed the entire time or not.
Asleep... on the floor!

Felix happily went to sleep, on his new bed, for his day sleep today so hopefully he'll stay there all night as well. He must have been tired tonight because he carried his monkey, his cat, and a cushion from his bed, out into the kitchen earlier, to give me the not-so-subtle hint that it was bed time. When I took him to his room, he snuggled onto his bed, with his bottom up in the air and his arms tucked underneath him, ready to go to sleep. We have had such a beautiful day together today. He has been in a gorgeous mood; so happy and cuddly. As I kissed him goodnight tonight, I felt extra thankful that he came into our lives. Even on days when life seems out of control and full of sadness, he is a ray of sunshine. He knows nothing but joy, and it's infectious!

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