Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Naughty and Nice

New art for your bedside table, Mum
Yesterday, for the first time, it dawned on Felix that it's possible to remove things from the shelves in the supermarket! I had my work cut out for me, pushing a very full trolley as well as trying to prevent Felix from removing everything possible from the shelves, as he toddled along behind me.

Our shopping trip started quite well. Felix sat in the seat of the trolley, waving to people as we passed them. He had fun pointing at different things and chatting away. In aisle two, that changed. Felix wriggled out of his seatbelt and stood up on the seat (thankfully, I was right next to him so there was no chance of him falling on his head). I tried to sit him back down but he wasn't having any of it. I decided to let him walk, because he's usually very good and will follow me. I must have brought the wrong child to the shop, because this one wanted to touch everything. Before I could stop him, he had a container of yoghurt in his arms and was placing it carefully on the floor. When I directed him away from the fridge, he turned straight back and did the same thing again.

Just after falling off, he's back there again
At this point, I figured it would be easier just to carry him, but Felix didn't want to be carried. He twisted and wriggled until he was actually standing on my hip, leaning out sideways. He's very trusting, because he was pushing himself away from me so hard, I almost lost my grip on him. I quickly put him back in the trolley seat again, where he sat quietly for one more aisle, and then started grabbing the shopping from the trolley and throwing it over the edge and onto the floor. Aaaaaagh!!! I contemplated leaving the trolley in the middle of the store and just going home, but I really needed to get it done. I put Felix back on the floor to walk and handed him different groceries to put in the trolley to 'help' me. One thing I gave him was a packet of 2 minute noodles, which contained 5 smaller packets. Within seconds, he had opened the bag, spilling the 5 other packets out onto the floor. He looked quite pleased with himself. This continued the entire length of the supermarket and, I can honestly say, I had never been more relieved to get home again (little ratbag!)

Naughty? Who? Me?
This morning Felix and I went to Kindergym and I am pleased to say that he had quite a positive morning. I think his love for climbing and playing exceeds his fear of other children, in that environment. He still rushed up to me if several children ran past, or got too close to him, but for the most part, he did really well. There was one little girl, a quiet 11 month old who captured Felix's eye. She was so adorable and already walking really well. For some reason, this little girl kept walking towards Felix with a huge smile on her face. Felix, very shyly, kept smiling back at her. Sometimes he tried to hide behind me, but he would peek around my shoulder to smile at her. It was very cute!

Last time we were at Kindergym, Felix really loved the trampoline. Today was the same; he sat and watched some children jumping up and down, with lots of excited "Oooh's" and "Ahhh's". There were a lot of kids wanting to use the trampoline, so I took Felix over to a big padded mat and helped him jump on that instead. He was doing the biggest belly laughs as I bounced him up and down. The most exciting thing for me, was when I put him back on the ground again and asked him if he could jump. He squatted down and then stood up as fast as he could, lifting one foot off the ground and then once that foot was on the floor again, he lifted the other. It was a bit of a cross between a stomp and a hop, but I was so proud!! All afternoon, when we got home, he has been 'jumping'. I'm so proud of our little guy for trying so hard.

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