Saturday, 9 March 2013

Being Creative

So artistic...
We have a little artist on our hands. Felix was a bit bored yesterday, so I decided to get out his paints and let him release some of his creative energy. I set him up on his plastic table, in the kitchen, with a big piece of paper, some brushes, rollers and his paint. He was very delicate at first, dabbing the paper with a round sponge to make some circles, and then using the end of his finger to place little, tiny dots everywhere.

Crazy kid!
After a few minutes, he was really enthusiastic, changing brushes and colours and using the roller as well. By this stage, his hands were starting to get covered in paint, so he began pushing them into the paint on the paper. I helped him out by painting the palm of his hand, and then asked him to push it onto the paper. I think he remembered having to push his hands in to the dough, at Christmas time when we made his hand prints, because he knew exactly what to do. The result was a couple of perfect little hand prints on his painting. Of course, the time came when Felix thought it might be good to taste the paint. It just happened that the paint pot open at that time was the black one, making him look like he was trying out for the role of the 5th member of KISS. Nathan had the great idea of getting him to do his 'crazy face' with his black mouth. I think you will agree it's a classic!

Felix has changed his routine up and is now having a sleep later in the afternoon. Often he's not hungry in the middle of the day before his sleep so, when he wakes up in the late afternoon, after a couple of hours, he's ravenous. Yesterday, he sat and ate all of his lunch and then some of mine. Isaiah (14), told me later, that Felix also ate half of his sandwich as well. After eating lunch at about 3pm, I was pretty sure Felix wouldn't be too interested in food at dinner time. He must be having a growth spurt, because he ate a big bowl of gnocchi and lots of fruit as well. He's a growing boy!

Time for a bath..
Felix has probably only had ice cream a handful of times in his life, mainly because we don't tend to eat dessert, but also because I don't like him having too many sugary foods. Last night, I bought the boys some ice creams, because it's been such hot weather, so we decided to let Felix have one after he'd eaten all his dinner. He demolished the whole thing! He must have thought it was Christmas! Sadly for him, his stomach didn't feel the same way and he promptly threw it up as quickly as it went down. He didn't seem to mind though. I think he probably would have done it all again for another ice cream :)

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