Friday, 8 March 2013

Imaginary Snacks

Felix drawing a dinosaur
Felix and I enjoyed a lazy morning together at home today. I sat on the computer for a little while, and made some phone calls, and Felix played happily with some of his toys on my bedroom floor. At one point he brought me his container of little animal counters to open. He hasn't played with them for a while thankfully, because they end up all over the floor and under every piece of furniture, but he does love them. I was on a phone call organising a fundraiser for World Down Syndrome Day, so I wasn't paying close attention to him. When I finished the call, Felix handed me the container of counters. Inside it, were all the yellow animals; no other colours, just yellow. He had obviously picked them out and put them back into the container.What a clever little boy! He never ceases to surprise me!
Felix and his nephew doing some

Later in the morning, Felix was sitting in the middle of the hallway looking at one of his sign language picture books. It was open to a page that had a photo of a plate of biscuits. He was playing an imaginary game, sitting and grabbing at the biscuits and then putting his hand to his mouth and saying, "Yum". I sat and watched him for a while doing it over and over. After a few minutes I joined him and we both sat in the hall eating imaginary biscuits off the page. Once we'd had enough biscuits, Felix turned the page to a picture of a bowl of muesli. He, very delicately, 'picked up' a piece of the muesli between his thumb and first finger and then 'ate' it. He couldn't have been any cuter if he tried. I was lucky enough to have some of the muesli too, served with his very 'posh' finger grip!

Me and my boy
After our lazy morning, I had to take Felix back to the Doctor. We have been putting drops in his ears, to loosen the wax in them, in the hope that the Doctor might be able to see if his grommets are still in place. After a very long look, he was finally able to see the grommet in his left ear. His problematic right ear was always going to be the issue. Unfortunately, there was still quite a bit of wax around his eardrum, but the Doctor is still pretty sure that the grommet has come out. We'll keep putting the drops in that ear for another week and then have the Doctor have another look. The other thing we had checked was the possible hernia in Felix's groin. The Doctor has decided to send him for an ultrasound just to confirm it, because we have still noticed a bulge every now and again. Hopefully he won't need surgery, but with two brothers who have already had inguinal hernia surgery, I think it's a strong possibility.

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