Thursday, 25 July 2013


Little monkey
Felix had his first visit with his new Podiatrist and Physio today. They were extremely happy with the way he is sitting, walking and climbing and will see him again in six months for another review. The Physio encouraged me to keep taking him to Kindergym and continue encouraging him to walk on different surfaces, like we have been. The Podiatrist had a couple of students with her, and she took the opportunity to show them just how flexible kids with Down syndrome can be. She pushed Felix's foot back until the top of his toes almost touched his shin bone. He thought it was hilarious! I pointed out his Sandal gap between his big toe and the next one. I'm sure another toe could fit in that gap. He often uses it to his advantage, picking things up with his toes. Felix enjoyed the whole experience of having the undivided attention of four therapists.

Love that smile
Previously, in the waiting room, Felix kept all the patients entertained with his antics. He discovered, at our last Doctor's appointment, that he can open the automatic doors by standing in front of them. I made sure I sat as far away as possible from them today, but Felix ran as fast as he could to try and escape, doing his loudest 'chicken laugh' as he ran. It's the funniest laugh, and always gets everyone else laughing as well. I kept catching him and bringing him back to the seat and then he would run off again. After he got bored of that, he did laps of the waiting room, stopping to say hello to all the people and give them a wave and a smile. When Felix was finally called in for his appointment, there was a collective "Awwww", from the people in the waiting room, with one lady even saying, "Don't take him away, he's keeping us entertained". I love seeing how Felix can make people smile.

Thankfully, I was able to postpone Felix's visit to his new Paediatrician (one less appointment this week). A letter came from the hospital, this week, with an appointment time for Felix to see the Neurologist at the hospital so I'll take him to that first. Felix will also have his Surgical consult and after both of those hospital appointments, I'll take him to the Paediatrician. I'll have more information to give him by then. Hopefully it will all be positive.
All rugged up for the snow

It has continued to be so beneficial to Felix having Noah visiting for a week and a half. He has really increased in confidence, to the point where he cuddles and kisses Noah all the time. Today, he held Noah's hands while they both danced to some music. It was completely adorable! Another time, I found them inside the little cubby house, giggling at something they both found hilarious. It was their own private joke but, obviously very funny! There's nothing much cuter than hearing a pair of little giggles. They are going to miss each other so much when Noah goes home. I'm going to have to find lots of things to keep Felix busy.
Cuddles for his little nephew

Felix and Noah got to share a special 'first' this week (a first for me as well!) We all saw snow for the very first time! We looked out of our lounge room window and noticed snow all over the mountains. After screaming with excitement, everyone rushed to pull on warm jackets and shoes, and we all piled in the car to go for a closer look. It was amazing! We even saw snow piled up high on the back of a sheep, which was quite humorous. There were kangaroos bounding everywhere, wondering what was going on, and all the sheep in the paddocks were huddled together. Noah and Felix were all rugged up when we got out of the car. They both started walking on the slippery ground and didn't look terribly happy when they fell on their bottoms on the cold snow. I don't think they appreciated the snow quite as much as the rest of us did, but I'm so glad they got to see it together.


  1. Felix is so adorable!! I love checking in. Levi sends hugs:-)
    Jody and Levi

    1. Thank you Jody! Lots of love to you and Levi from Felix and I x x x