Friday, 12 July 2013


Splashing in the puddles....
They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. If that is the case, Felix makes us all feel really good. He has been hilarious lately, watching things we do and then copying them. The weather has been freezing cold, so when I sit down on the couch, I pull a blanket over my legs. Felix climbs up next to me, sits nice and close and pulls the blanket up over his legs too. After he does it, he looks at me as if to say, "Did you see that? I did just what you did!"

He has been the same with his big brothers and their friend, who is visiting at the moment. Tonight I heard, "Mum, Mum, come and look at this!" I walked into the lounge room to see both Aaron and Isaiah sitting on the couch with their feet up on the coffee table. Upon closer inspection I saw Felix, flat on his back on the couch, right in the middle of them, stretching his legs out as far as he could so they could reach the table as well. Whatever his brothers can do, so can he. Later, their friend sat down, folded his hands together and leaned forward. Felix watched him for a few seconds, climbed up next to him and folded his hands. He then leaned forward and look towards him for his smile of approval. So cute!

More puddles
Felix has always loved being the centre of attention and he has recently discovered a new way to captivate a crowd. He has a little box of musical instruments, which he enjoys making lots of 'music' with. Yesterday, he handed each of the boys an instrument and chose a tambourine for himself. He made sure the boys were all looking at him and then he began to play the tambourine. The boys followed suit and started to play their instruments as well. Felix smiled a huge smile and then suddenly stopped. The boys also stopped. Felix grinned even bigger and started playing again, as did the boys. After about ten seconds he stopped again, and so did they. He loved it! He knew that anything he did, they would do as well. It was so gorgeous to see teenage boys laughing along with a very entertaining two year old. It's moments like that I cherish!

Tonight, after Felix finished dinner, he said "Ta" and held out his cup to Aaron. Aaron took it and said, "Thank you, Felix". That was all the encouragement Felix needed. He then picked up a fork and passed that to Aaron as well, followed by his plate. I could see that he was being helpful by clearing the table so, I held my breath, and handed him a ceramic bowl to take to the kitchen and give to the boys. He carefully carried it and handed it to them, and did a careful job of carrying a glass as well. It was great to see him participating in clearing the table, and showing that he knew what needed to be done after dinner.
...even more puddles!

One of Felix's favourite things to play with has always been his tea set. He loves putting pretend food on his little plates and pretending to eat it, saying "Yum, yum". He also really enjoys making cups of tea. If we're lucky he makes one for us as well. After he hands us a teacup, we have to make the appropriate slurping and appreciative noises as we pretend to drink it, or he'll keep looking at us until we do. Aaron and Isaiah's friend learnt that the hard way tonight by being stared down by Felix until he 'drank' his cup of tea. Felix showed his approval with a big smile.

I was so excited this afternoon. I was playing peek-a-boo with Felix by covering my eyes. Felix grabbed my hands, pulled them away from my eyes and said, "Boo!" Yes! He really said the word, "Boo!" He said it over and over again as we continued to play the game. I was so proud of him! His speech is really starting to develop which is super exciting!
After all those's bath time!

Today, we had the opportunity to meet a family we had only known through Facebook.  We have the awesome connection of having sons with an extra chromosome. Incredibly, they happen to have family in our tiny little town, who they were coming to visit, so it was a perfect opportunity to meet face to face. Their son is much older than Felix, but reminds me so much of him. They are both really tiny, and each have an hilarious sense of humour which I'm sure will get them a long way in life! I really love meeting people who are walking a similar path to us, and to see older kids with Down Syndrome is always wonderful; it's like having a glimpse into Felix's future. If Felix is any bit the great kid the little boy I met today is, I will be so happy!

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