Friday, 6 May 2016

The Stars Still Shine

Felix and his doll (who also has Down syndrome)
I'm still not feeling able to write that much after the sadness of this week. I have tried to write another blog but my mind is a bit jumbled and all over the place but, I did think of one really beautiful little moment with Felix, yesterday, that I would like to share.

It was that time of night when, after a day at work, you look in the fridge and think, "What can I cook for dinner?" The uninspiring contents of my fridge stared back at me so, I decided to bundle Felix up into the car, and go to the supermarket for more inspiration. It was still daylight when we arrived at the shop.

"Wearing" the little guy
Felix, as per usual, made a short trip to the shop slightly longer than necessary. In the trolley. Out of the trolley. Running up the aisle. Choosing things from the shelf and putting them in the trolley. Me, placing said items back on the shelf. Helping to put the shopping on to the check out. Finding the ride on car and sitting in it. Wanting to unlock the car himself. Escaping my clutches and climbing over the seat into the front. Me, wrestling him back into his car seat and strapping him in. You get the picture? Lucky he's cute!

Climbing a tree before school this morning
When we got home, it was dark. I was tired and in a hurry to make dinner and get it over with. Felix, being the chilled out little guy that he is, wasn't in a rush at all. He got out of the car, gazed at the sky and said, "Sun all gone!" I stopped, realising this was one of those moments when Felix was reminding me to slow down, and replied, "Yes Felix. The sun has gone to sleep now. Can you see the moon?" We both stood on the front lawn looking up but couldn't find the moon. Felix pointed and said, "Stars!" I nodded and mumbled something about there being lots of stars, and started to move towards the house with my shopping bags. When I got to the front porch I turned around and saw that Felix hadn't moved. He was still craning his neck; his face looking up to the sky.

The next moment was so beautiful. He started to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. He didn't look at me. He kept his eyes on the stars. The most special bit for me was that he spoke the words in the song more clearly than ever before, and didn't stop gazing up until the whole song was finished. It melted my heart to watch him and, all the stress I was feeling up until that point, disappeared. As usual, the little guy worked his magic and filled my heart. He always knows just what I need!

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