Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Belated Christmas Update

Santa Number 1 (same photo as my last blog)
The best news I have to share in this blog, is the results of Felix's last MRI scan. I am very pleased to report that the size of his ventricles hasn't changed since his last scan almost two years ago. He still has Ventriculomegaly, but it is stable which is wonderful news. The Neurosurgeon is confident that Felix won't require any more MRI scans. Obviously we have to look for any signs of regression, head circumference increase or lack of development, but we are all pretty sure that everything is going to be fine from now on!

Felix was kept busy over the Christmas period, with lots of parties and three visits to Santa. Our local playgroup visited the 'Magic Cave' at one of the towns near where we live. The cave is located down some stairs and is basically a couple of rooms filled with Christmas ornaments, decorations and, of course, the bearded man himself. Felix was onto it straight away and flatly refused to walk down the stairs. I'm sure he can smell Santa a mile away. Nathan and I managed to wrangle Felix as close to Santa as we could, but there was no way he was going to sit on his lap!
Santa Number 2

Santa number two is a friend of ours. After seeing the very unenthusiastic photos with Santa number one, he vowed to make every effort for Felix's next visit with Santa to be a happier one. The second Santa experience was at the Down syndrome early intervention party. There was a crowd of beautiful little faces there that day and a lot of noise and excitement. After some singing and playing, Santa came in dancing to the music. Felix clung onto me a little bit tighter, but relaxed when Santa came over to give him a 'high five'. After several more 'high fives' and after watching the other kids go up and receive their gift from Santa, it was Felix's turn. He actually sat on his knee... only very briefly, but he sat there!! I was amazed! Thanks for all your hard work Santa! ;)

A few days before Christmas our little town had a Christmas party for all the locals. It was pouring with rain but quite warm, so Felix was enjoying running around and playing. Santa number three arrived on an SES (State Emergency Service) truck. Felix saw him from a distance and didn't seem to be worried at all. He was more interested in playing on the playground. Once Santa had sat down I carried Felix over to him to see what his reaction would be. He seemed to be quite comfortable, so I sat him on Santa's lap. For the very first time he sat, unbothered, and I was even able to walk away to take a few photos! OK... so he was far from giving me a huge cheshire cat grin, but it was the closest we were going to get for 2013! There is always next year!
Santa Number 4

The days leading up to Christmas brought with them an awful 'flu to our house. Felix and I were struck down pretty hard, with Felix coming close to needing some IV fluids due to dehydration. I spent my days in a fog, trying to prepare for Christmas day and the extra 8 people we had coming to stay. I'm not exactly sure how, but everything got done and we were able to enjoy a very relaxed Christmas day with our sons, their partners and our Grandaughter (one of our boys has a girlfriend who has a little girl. I enjoyed fussing over a 'pink' baby after all our 'blue' ones. She's a lovely addition to our family). I'm so thankful for our kids. They all pitched in and helped, and Felix was in his element having all of his brothers at home. He looked a bit lost when they all left again after Christmas.

Enjoying his new dress ups on
Christmas day!
I hope you have all had a good start to the new year. Ours has been a little bit shaky, with illness and a few other little bumps in the road, but I'm trying to stay positive. I'm currently enjoying having a break from therapies and appointments due to the school holidays, and working up some energy before it all starts again. There's a lot we are able to do with Felix at home to encourage his development through play, so there is always plenty to keep us busy even without his structured therapy. He has been counting anything and everything lately. Even though his speech is still developing, we can definitely hear a "four, five, six" quite often, which is so encouraging. My goal for the next few months is to start working more on colour recognition too.

Happy new year to you all. I apologise that the frequency of my posts has dropped off significantly this past six months. I will try to get back to more regular blogs over the coming weeks!

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