Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Shaun the Sheep

Happy party boy!
Sunday was a huge breakthrough for us. We had a house full (over 50 adults and kids), here to celebrate Felix's 3rd birthday. Due to absolutely awful weather, all my plans of having the party outside were squashed, and the day was spent rotating inside and out in between the rain. Usually, in that type of situation, Felix wouldn't have coped well at all. He likes to have his own space, and can be quite anxious in a crowded room with lots of little people around. Our house is very small, so it was more crowded than most. He must have know that everyone was there for him, because he took it all in his stride. He laughed and smiled. He interacted, not only with the adults, but with his little friends as well. He even gave some of them kisses and cuddles when they had to go home. Singing 'Happy birthday' was the best bit; he had a beaming smile the whole time as he looked around the room at everyone singing to him. When we had finished singing he clapped his hands and wanted to sing it again.
Birthday cake

A couple of days after Felix turned 3, there was a knock at our front door. One of our local farmers was standing there with a lamb in his arms for Felix. He had even sprayed Felix's name, in blue paint, onto the side of the lamb. We had been talking about getting a lamb to add to our menagerie, for a while, so it was a nice surprise to be given such a special gift. Aaron (13) immediately named him Shaun 'the sheep'. Felix loved the lamb right from the start, and cuddles him and chases him around the yard. The only problem, initially, was that Felix didn't cope with Shaun's extrememly loud bleating. Felix has always had issues with high pitched noises; squealing, screaming, and now, bleating. Thankfully, now that the lamb is a few weeks old and spends the majority of the time outside, Felix has adjusted to it and doesn't get frightened anymore. It's cute to watch Shaun follow Felix around the backyard, or stand next to him when he's playing in the sandpit. Some of Felix's friends, who came for his party, took turns feeding Shaun his bottle. It was fun to watch them experience something new. One of the little boys told his Mum he wanted to live on a "police farm" when he was older too!!
Aaron feeding Shaun his bottle

Playgroup has just started again since the school holidays. The lady who runs it commented on how well Felix is talking since she saw him last. It's encouraging that other people are starting to notice the new words Felix is using. We still have to listen closely, because often he uses just the beginning or end sound in a word, but I am amazed at how quickly his speech is developing now. He is getting especially good at people's names and makes a real effort to try and say most names. The majority of things he signs, he makes an attempt at the sound now, as well. It's very encouraging!
Felix had a lot of friends come to his party. This is a pic of
6 of them...all who have a little something extra :)

Earlier this week, we had to take our car to be serviced. We decided to sit and wait for the car, so I sat on the floor and played with Felix. I found a book with animals in it, and Felix worked his way through the book, perfectly signing every animal. After a while, I noticed a lady watching us. She told me she was a retired Special Education Teacher, and was absolutely amazed at how well Felix could sign. She was also pleased to know that she still remembered some signs from her time teaching. She went on to tell me she had been watching Felix's and my interaction with each other, and was very impressed with his ability to follow instructions and do what he was asked. I felt so proud of Felix. It's great when people acknowledge all the hard work we have put in and, most of all, Felix's hard work and determination.
Sporting a black eye after a bit of a tumble
down some stairs

I'm still finding it difficult to update my blog as often as I used to. If any of you have Facebook, please check out my public page  I post regular little updates about Felix on there, so if you want something to read in between blogs, please look it up! I'll try not to leave it so long between blogs next time!!

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